Winter 2021

A More Responsive Pharmacy Connection

Banner Winter 2021 - Pharmacy Connection announcement
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The College is excited to announce upcoming enhancements to Pharmacy Connection, making it more timely and responsive for our readers.

Starting this summer, Pharmacy Connection will transition to a digital-only publication available on The next edition will be the last to be printed and mailed to subscribers.

By shifting to a fully digital experience, the College can share more information, more frequently, in a way that addresses current issues and questions you may have. This enables the College to introduce many new features and benefits for subscribers, including:

  • A MORE RESPONSIVE AND FOCUSED PUBLICATION. A digital-only Pharmacy Connection enables the College to publish articles when they are most relevant to you, and not based on a set quarterly publishing schedule.
  • FRESH, UP TO DATE CONTENT. By the time subscribers receive Pharmacy Connection in the mail, some information may no longer be as timely or as practical as intended. A digital publication allows content to be shared when it is fresh, and for it to be updated with new information as needed.
  • OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADDITIONAL FEATURES. The digital-only version will allow the College to make use of additional features, including video, infographics and interactive features to enhance the reading experience.
  • A COMMON READING EXPERIENCE AMONG ALL REGISTRANTS. The majority of registrants already rely on the digital Pharmacy Connection as they have declined the print edition. A single access point to Pharmacy Connection content ensures a common reading experience among all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
  • EFFECTIVE USE OF COLLEGE RESOURCES: Pharmacy Connection has significant costs associated with printing and mailing, and these costs are only anticipated to rise. The transition to a digital-only version supports the College’s commitment to be cost-effective and efficient in all of our activities.
  • MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Moving to a digital-only magazine can help prevent the use of more than a million pieces of paper a year, plus the energy and resources required to transport the editions.

As we work to launch this exciting initiative, we will be engaging registrants to seek their input to help inform what the evolution of Pharmacy Connection looks like.

Once the new has launched, we will also continue to seek feedback and make enhancements to support a seamless, engaging experience for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Our goal is to provide a publication that provide a publication that provides timely, relevant information that pharmacy professionals can apply in their day to day practice as they deliver safe and quality patient care.

We look forward to unveiling the new this summer!

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