Summer 2021

Experiencing Mental Health or Substance Use Challenges?

Illustration of woman with head in hands looking sad
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Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Take advantage of the free Ontario Pharmacy Health Program (OPHP) administered by Lifemark Health.

Registrants can access OPHP directly and remain anonymous to the College. Those who participate in the program will benefit from specialized assessment and treatment that addresses the unique needs of pharmacy professionals.

Lifemark Health provides registrants with comprehensive psychological, psychiatric and/or substance use assessments: clear diagnostic and functional formulation of a registrant’s condition, treatment and practice recommendations.

Recognizing the pandemic’s impact on pharmacy professionals, Lifemark Health also has resources on coping with COVID-19 stress, a COVID-19 self-care and resilience guide, and more.

Access frequently asked questions about the program in Pharmacy Connection.

Learn more about the program on the Lifemark Health website.

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