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Getting the Most Out of Digital Pharmacy Connection

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Busy, on-the-go pharmacy professionals can now access the latest practice-related content anywhere and anytime on To help registrants get the most out of this digital-only publication we’re highlighting key features and tips on interacting with and how to get the latest content delivered directly to your inbox.

Find Latest Posts and Featured Content

Pharmacy Connection’s slider/carousel and “latest posts” sections highlight the most recent content directly from the homepage. Content is posted regularly, and monthly Pharmacy Connection emails to registrants draw attention to the latest content published.

Screen grab of slider and latest posts

Print Articles and Resources

Want to print off an article for later reference or prefer to read from paper? All content in Pharmacy Connection is easily printable, and with a simple click you can print any article at any time.

print page button circled

As well, some articles have additional printable infographics, posters or checklists that you can use to share with team members or post in your pharmacy or workspace. Download and print these resources for quick reference for any reason at any time. Short videos on tips, resources, insights and more will be arriving to in the near future.

Flu Season Checklist thumbnail

Search Topics of Interest

Screenshot of search on Pharmacy Connection

Looking for articles on a specific topic? Click the magnifying glass icon on the blue navigation menu to search for content. By entering keywords for your search, you’ll find content and articles related to that topic. Narrow and customize your search results by using search filters. Filter your search results by type, category, tags and date.

Screenshot of search filters on Pharmacy Connection

Access Archives

Screenshot of Archives menu on Pharmacy Connection

Find past issues of Pharmacy Connection by clicking on “Archives.” Access PDF back issues from 2012-2017, and articles from 2018 to today.

Screen grab of PDF archives

Share with your Network
Screenshot of Sharing icons on Pharmacy Connection

See an article you’d like to share with your network or directly with a peer? Click the social icons to share on your social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or click on the envelope to email the article link.

Stay Subscribed

Pharmacy Connection emails draw attention to the latest content published to These emails will arrive in your inbox at the beginning of each month, giving you access to the latest stories, resources, tips, best practices, case studies and more. All pharmacy professionals should stay subscribed to the College’s mailing list to ensure they receive ongoing and up-to-date information that’s relevant to them. Not getting emails from the College? Click here to subscribe to the College’s email list.

Screen grab of Phamacy Connection email blast

Additional Resources

Video – Pharmacy Connection Goes Digital

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