Scope of Practice, Winter 2021

Government Expands Select Scope of Practice Activities for Pharmacists

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In December, the provincial government passed regulatory changes that give Ontario pharmacists the authority to administer the flu vaccine to children as young as two years old and to renew prescriptions for up to one year.

These regulatory changes, which came into effect December 11, 2020, expand from the previous expectation of pharmacists to be able to administer the flu vaccine to children as young as five and renew prescriptions in quantities of up to six month’s supply.

Additional expanded scope activities that are being considered by the government include administering certain substances by injection and/or inhalation for purposes that are in addition to patient education and demonstration, and pharmacist prescribing for certain minor ailments. The draft regulations for these activities that were submitted to government by OCP are under review and have not yet been approved.

The College is committed to supporting registrants with resources and practice tools to expand their scope of practice safely and with confidence. A list of applicable guidelines and education modules has been developed and posted for your reference on the OCP website.

If you have any questions about expanded scope, please direct them to

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