Fall 2019, Opioids

New External Opioid-Related Resources

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Pharmacist’s Virtual Communication Toolkit: Engaging In Effective Conversations About Opioids

This interactive pharmacist’s toolkit from NAPRA focuses on having potentially difficult conversations with patients regarding opioids. It provides specific strategies and sample dialogue related to the three stages for engaging in conversations: Stop and Listen, Drop the Stigma and Talk About Opioids, and Roll with Resistance. It also provides a list of other resources for pharmacy professionals and patients.

Controlled Drugs And Substances In Hospitals And Healthcare Facilities: Guidelines On Secure Management And Diversion Prevention

The guidelines on secure management and diversion prevention, developed by the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, are useful resources for staff at Canadian healthcare facilities, including pharmacy professionals. Advice and guidance are provided on developing a system that prevents, detects and responds to diversion of controlled substances. There are also suggestions for continuously improving such a system once it has been established.

The guidelines address inventory management, preparation, dispensing and distribution, prescribing, administration to the patient, waste and disposal, identifying diversion and investigating diversion.

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