New Video Resources to Inform and Engage the Public

The College has developed a number of new videos to help the public better understand important key initiatives from OCP and how we serve and protect their interests.

Understanding the Discipline Process

The College has procedures in place to address misconduct or incompetence by a pharmacy, pharmacist, or pharmacy technician in Ontario. Many patients and pharmacy professionals alike are unaware of how OCP’s Discipline process works. In this video, we clarify the process with a helpful and informative video that focuses on the role the Discipline Committee.

Find a Pharmacy or Pharmacy Professional

The College has been doing a lot of work over the past few years on enhancing its public register, referred to on our website as the "Find a Pharmacy or Pharmacy Professional" tool.

Our enhanced public register gives patients the ability to quickly access important information about a pharmacy, pharmacist, or pharmacy technician anywhere in Ontario. With the tool, patients can find a pharmacy professional who speaks a particular language, view their academic and training history, and any concerns the College has about them. Patients can also view a pharmacy’s assessment results, any concerns the College has about the pharmacy, and more.

5 Things You Should Expect When You Visit Your Pharmacy

As Ontario’s pharmacy regulator, it’s our mission to ensure the public receives quality services and care. In this video we go through five things patients should expect when they visit their pharmacy, all which will help them get the most benefit from their pharmacy experience and support their health goals.