Winter 2018

Reminder: Requirements for Pharmacy Practice Management Systems

Pharmacy Practice Management Systems
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Pharmacy computer systems must support the good delivery of patient care and meet certain national minimum requirements, which have been developed in compliance with Canadian regulations and standards. Set out in NAPRA’s Pharmacy Practice Management Systems (PPMS), these functional and administrative requirements are designed to ensure the safety and efficacy of e-prescriptions and related electronic pharmacy records. They are also supported by a supplementary document, Pharmacy Practice Management Systems Supplemental Requirements on Traceability and Bulk Preparation Labelling. Pharmacy professionals can also access NAPRA’s Frequently Asked Questions on the PPMS standards.

The effective date for these requirements was January 1, 2016.

Additionally, computer systems must have sufficient speed and capacity to enable efficient and effective practice by pharmacy professionals and ensure that there are deliberate and auditable procedures required before any information can be purged from the system.

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