Summer 2019

Have You Checked Out the Latest Pharmacy5in5 Modules?

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Pharmacy 5in5 is an interactive learning platform developed by the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy that helps pharmacy professionals self-audit their knowledge and acquire a deeper understanding of a variety of clinical and professional topics. It also provides valuable educational resources that can be saved, printed out and referenced over time.

We first made you aware of Pharmacy5in5 in the Winter 2018 issue of Pharmacy Connection. Recognizing the time pressures faced by many pharmacy professionals, the platform lets you test your knowledge on a given topic by taking a short quiz and answering just five questions in five minutes.



Be more proactive about the ways you reconcile controlled substances (narcotics, controlled drugs and targeted substances). Get practical tips for effectively reconciling your inventory and conducting an investigation when things don’t add up.

The module includes the video “How Should Pharmacies Protect Their Narcotic Inventory,” a handy infographic about narcotic inventories and a variety of other helpful resources.


Learn how to individualize blood pressure goals according to patient-specific factors. Other topics include: choosing a first line antihypertensive drug, educating patients about home blood pressure monitoring and developing a monitoring plan for a patient taking an antihypertensive drug. Also, learn how to identify appropriate antihypertensive therapy for a patient not meeting their blood pressure goals.

Get access to printable flashcards, infographics and the video “5 Things Healthcare Professionals Should Know About Hypertension.” Plus, help a pharmacist choose hypertension medication for a patient and optimize drug therapy.


This module makes it easy for you to test and improve your knowledge with classifying different types of drug-induced kidney injury (DIKI), identifying patient and drug-related risk factors for DIKI, recognizing the signs and symptoms of a DIKI, educating a patient on prevention measures, and more.

You can also watch the video “5 Things Healthcare Professionals Should Know about Drug Induced Kidney Injuries,” quiz your knowledge on DIKI basic facts and assist a pharmacist conducting a DIKI medication review.


Review the NAPRA Model Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-Sterile Preparations. All pharmacies in Ontario that perform or intend to perform any type of non-sterile compounding must adhere to the College’s timelines for implementation of the NAPRA standards. For this reason, the College recommends all pharmacy professionals supplement their learning by completing the Pharmacy5in5 module.

By the end of the module, you should be able to determine when it’s appropriate to compound a preparation and verify that a preparation has been compounded correctly. Other topics covered include assessing a prescription for a non-sterile compound to determine its suitability for a specific patient and the responsibilities of the designated compounding supervisor.

View the video “5 Things Pharmacy Professionals Should Know About Non-Sterile Compounding,” print out a useful infographic on who can check non-sterile compounds, get a “Should You Compound This Drug?” flowchart, and quiz your proficiency on managing non-sterile compounding, assessing risk, planning for workflow and more.

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