Board of Directors, Fall 2020

Recent Board Reports (Fall 2020)

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Copy of the September 2020 Board Meeting Report is available on the College’s website.


At a special meeting held on November 19th, the OCP Board unanimously approved submitting to the Minister of Health regulatory amendments that enable the creation of an emergency registration certificate class of pharmacy professionals. These regulations require government approval and would only be implemented once the government determines, in collaboration with the College, that there is a shortage of qualified pharmacy professionals that puts at risk the ability of Ontarians to access timely and safe pharmacy services during an emergency situation—including the current pandemic. The Board also approved making a formal request to the Ministry of Health to waive the consultation period for the proposed regulatory changes.

The full rationale for the development of this regulatory-focused proposal, which is grounded in our mandate to serve and protect the public interest and our fiduciary duty expressed in legislation, can be found in the briefing note posted to our website. The College is now working on the next steps that include making the formal submission to the government for their consideration and approval, which is required before this regulation comes into effect.

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