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Upcoming 2020 Council Elections

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Board Election Date Announced and Call for Applications

As per the email sent to each registrant, the election for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors (Council) for the Ontario College of Pharmacists will be held on November 2, 2020. This date was established following postponement of the original election date earlier this year due to the state of emergency declared by the provincial government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of changes to the College’s governance framework and election procedure adopted in the College’s By-Law No. 6 (and explained below), a new process will be in place for this year’s elections, including increased screening of applications and the elimination of electoral districts.

For more information, including for to apply to run for a Director role, please visit the Election Process page on the OCP website.

In December 2019, College Council approved the draft By-Law No. 6 to move to open consultation. The draft By-Law contains changes to the timing and structure of the Council elections as well as other governance changes. At the March 23 meeting, Council will review the consultation feedback and additional changes or adjustments could be made to the By-Law. It is important to be aware of how these proposed changes, if approved, would impact the 2020 nomination and election process for Council.

Under the proposed By-Law, the following changes would be made to the elections process for 2020:

  • A one-year transition process to accommodate the reduction in size of Council. In order to accommodate the decrease in number of elected Council members to nine, there will be a one-year transition period in 2020, before resuming the usual three-year terms of office for elected Council members. During the election in August, all positions on Council will be up for election, with the exception of two members who are on the Executive Committee, who will provide continuity through the transition.
  • Voting for all candidates. As there will no longer be electoral districts, all registrants who hold a valid certificate of registration, who practice or reside in Ontario, and who are not in default of payment of fees will be able to vote for up to five pharmacist candidates and up to two pharmacy technician candidates (as there will be five pharmacist and two technician positions available). Those elected in 2020 will be assigned varying term lengths, depending on the amount of votes they received – this will allow for the commencement of staggered elections over the coming years.
  • Earlier nomination timeline and enhanced screening of applications. Nominations for the 2020 election will open in April, with all registrants being advised of their eligibility to vote, the number of positions available and the profile for competencies sought for the position. Those interested in applying for nomination will need to complete the application form and provide references. The Screening Committee will review the applications against the selected competencies, desired experiences with select patient populations and eligibility requirements in the By-Law to determine whether they are eligible to run for election.

The election will take place from July 8 to August 5. As with previous years, voting will be done via online ballot. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are interested in serving on a College committee should look for further recruitment information in the spring.

Registrants will receive an email from the College in April confirming the nomination and election process. In the meantime, please stay tuned to the College’s website and e-Connect for further updates on the By-Law and any changes to the governance of the College.

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