COVID-19, Fall 2020

Virtual Pharmacy Assessments

Banner Fall 2020 - Virtual Assessments
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The College resumed operational and practice assessments as of August 1, 2020. Due to COVID-19, many of these assessments are taking place through comprehensive virtual meeting formats until further notice.

Registrants and Designated Managers/pharmacy contacts are reminded that these assessments are the equivalent of in-person assessments and conducted under the same authority. College advisors will continue to thoroughly assess pharmacies and registrants against all established relevant standards.

To facilitate the remote assessment process, prior to the assessments, designated managers/contacts and registrants may be asked to submit the supporting documentation as required by College advisors. Designated managers/contacts and registrants are expected to submit all of the documentation as outlined in the notification e-mail.

As always, the status/outcome all of pharmacy assessments will be posted on the College’s public register, Find a Pharmacy/Professional.

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