Winter 2019

Improving Navigation, Access To Key Content For Public And Professionals A Focus On College Website Refresh

New Website
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The College’s website is an information-rich resource with hundreds of pages of relevant content for registrants, applicants and the public. However, over the past few years we’ve heard from many website visitors that it is often challenging to find the content they’re looking for online. And once they find the content, it may not be optimized to view on today’s web browsers, technology platforms and accessibility standards.

Recognizing the incredibly valuable role our website plays in helping to communicate important information to pharmacy professionals and the opportunity to make more people, including the public and our health system stakeholders, aware of our collaborative efforts to promote quality pharmacy care, the College is planning to launch a refreshed website in late spring of this year.


In 2016, we conducted a communication survey among registrants who provided feedback on a number of the College’s communications products including the website. Feedback we received showed that it was challenging to find website information and that content needed to be updated more frequently. This past year, we conducted research which further reinforced the opportunity to improve navigation and access to timely and relevant content for professionals.

Accordingly, the changes to the website will include design enhancements to help align with the College’s renewed strategic plan and improve accessibility across multiple platforms, focusing heavily on improving the navigation – helping you get to the content you’re looking for quicker and easier.

The website is also being designed with the public and patients in mind so that they too have easier access to information relevant to them, from content about the role of the College and what they should expect from their pharmacy experience, to timely updates about activities and projects aimed at enhancing quality and safe pharmacy care. Such content aligns with the Council-defined strategic priorities and our overall broader commitment to improving our communication with the public.

Stay tuned for more information as this work progresses. Don’t worry, as we refresh the website, much of the content will remain in their existing sections and the current links won’t break. We’re just making it easier for you to get to the content you and the public are looking for. We’re also developing some quick tips and other tools to help you as you explore the site once it’s launched.

With a view to improving navigation and enhancing access to relevant content to pharmacy professionals and the general public, the College’s website is being redesigned to help you:

  • Access the content you’re looking for quickly and easily with fewer clicks
  • Benefit from an improved website search that makes it easier than ever before to find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Quickly access content and timely updates from the College related to key programs, initiatives, consultations and more
  • Print pages with simple formatting for easier offline reading
  • Customize your homepage experience and access relevant content by audience type
  • Easily view content from anywhere using a mobile or tablet device as well as your PC or laptop

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