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A Message from Shenda: Our Promise to You

Picture of OCP Registrar and CEO Shenda Tanchak
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Hello and Happy New Year!

As we start off 2024, I want to share a new commitment we are making as a College. We’re calling it the OCP Service Charter and it’s our promise to you.

Last year, the Board approved our new 2024-2028 strategic plan. As I shared with you then, the plan is made up of values, regulatory principles and four strategic goals. It’s a practical roadmap for the coming years.

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The purpose of the Service Charter is to be clear about what these regulatory principles and values mean in practice – because we take them seriously and we want you to know that.

We’ve heard from you that we can do a better job in how we engage and share information. So, for each of our regulatory principles, we developed specific service commitments. These commitments describe what you – registrants, patients and partners – should expect when interacting with us. From defined timelines for when you’ll receive a response to an email, to more transparency in how we approach our mandate, to clear objectives you can use to hold us accountable, the service commitments apply to all that we do.

The Service Charter is also about how we work to achieve our mandate. It’s about openly embracing leadership and innovation, driving forward equity, diversity, and inclusion, and collaborating with partners. It’s about making sure that our strategic plan doesn’t just look nice on paper but is integrated in all that we do.

And we’ll be looking to you, as always, to tell us how we are doing. Send us a note at to share your feedback.

New year, new strategic plan, new commitments to serve – I’m excited to see them in action and I hope you are too.

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