Winter 2021

College Performance Measurement Framework

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The College was pleased to have been amongst a group of regulators actively engaged in the development of the Ontario Ministry of Health’s new College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF), designed to strengthen the accountability and oversight of regulatory colleges by ensuring they are meeting their fiduciary duties and serving the public interest, and at the same time helping colleges improve their performance. Beginning this year, all Ontario healthcare regulators are reporting on a number of indicators that are part of the CPMF.

The CPMF reinforces the College’s approach to fulfilling its mandate of serving and protecting the public interest through the collection, analysis and transparent reporting of data—with the goal of using that data to continually improve our performance as an accountable health regulator. In fact, starting in 2021, the College is aligning its Performance Scorecard to the domains within the CPMF to create a consistent, standardized approach to reporting performance.

The CPMF measures the College’s work in a number of domains, including governance, system partnerships, information management, regulatory policies, suitability to practice, and overall measurement and reporting on regulatory program activities such as those related to quality assurance, registrant competency and conduct processes. The information collected and reported in the inaugural report to be published online will inform future iterations of the framework and promote a better understanding of the activities of all the health regulatory colleges in the province.

Going forward, the College will be evolving the annual report to effectively complement the CPMF. Future editions of the annual report will continue to focus on the ways the College is meeting its legislated mandate, its objects and its Board-defined strategic priorities, while the CPMF data will be reported in a parallel publication. As the College transitions to the new format, it has published a separate document for 2020 that includes historic numbers for some of the data provided in this annual report to provide a transparent view of trends over the past several years.

The College’s CPMF has been posted on its website at under About the College >Performance and Accountability.

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