Digital Pharmacy Connection, Summer 2021

Pharmacy Connection Goes Digital

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The College is excited to announce the launch of its new digital Pharmacy Connection, a web-based and mobile-friendly publication suitable for busy, on-the-go pharmacy professionals.

This new digital publication will improve access to important information, tips, news and updates, and give registrants quick and easy access to practice-related information. The College’s move to digital underscores our focus on providing a more responsive and timely resource that supports our important role in delivering relevant content that pharmacy professionals can use to help them provide safe and quality patient care. Delivering content that can be quickly shared and easily updated will help registrants align their practice to the latest policies and updates.

Shifting to this new, flexible digital platform means the College is retiring the current print magazine format. The redesigned, user-friendly will allow readers to access current information, issues and engage with content anywhere, anytime. For those who prefer to read on paper, every story on has a prominent and accessible print button, giving readers quick and easy access to a print-friendly version of the articles. In addition to printing articles, readers can engage with and share the stories with their peers via social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or email.

As part of our commitment to supporting a positive reading experience, we will continue to seek feedback from registrants and make enhancements to support an engaging experience for readers.

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How Going Digital Benefits You

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  • Access more frequently updated content and timelier posts relevant to pharmacy regulation and practice
  • Available across all devices, making it suitable for on-the-go pharmacy professionals
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  • Access embedded videos and interactive content, enhancing your reading experience
  • Easily share stories with your network and across social platforms
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  • Digital content is not bound by a quarterly publication schedule, giving you access to news and updates as they happen
  • Articles are published when they are most relevant and timely, and can be easily updated with new information
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  • Contribute towards an environmentally friendly initiative, eliminating the need for printing over a million pieces of paper a year
  • Support the College’s commitment to be a cost-effective and efficient regulator

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